We were hesitant whether or not to participate in a competition for quality oils already from our first production with the new course of management of the Agricola Panolfo farm. We felt like desecrators of a temple frequented by the Gods, for which we have admiration. Then the sporting character that follows the motto prevailed, “a participation in an event, regardless of the result, is better than lay down on the sofa”.
So we submitted our nomination with Olio EVO Podere Panolfo in the Light Fruity Blend category of the Olea L’Oro d’Italia 2019 competition. And instead we got a very satisfying result and we are almost excited to see us listed only a couple of lines below the established and noble companies. But we are above all satisfied in having had the confirmation that we are on the right track. Our continuous search for improvement ideal immediately sets us the goal of achieving an even better result for the next production. Judgment received was : 3 Drops and Quality Mention.

Podere Panolfo EVO oil at L’Oro d’Italia 2019 competition – 3 Drops and Quality Mention

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