Immense joy in learning the results of the jury with the awarding of the Gold Medal to our Podere Panolfo Organic DOP Umbria EVO Oil.

International Taste Awards is the first international competition, which takes place in Italy, open to any gastronomic product or quality drink.
Born from a sincere passion and attention for food and wine, it has the ambitious task of selecting, supporting and promoting the work of the best producers, artisans, farmers, breeders from all over the world -
Our company had the pleasure and the honour to be one of the 600 participants with the product EVO Podere Panolfo DOP Umbria Organic Oil.
The sharing of the philosophy of approaching the theme of quality food was the element that put us in immediate harmony with Simone Massenza, the patron of the event, and encouraged us to be part of this innovative experience.
The exceptional result fills us with joy and comforts us on our choice to walk the path of quality and respect for the environment and traditions.

We look forward to the 30th of January when the TOP50 award will be given to the first 50 best products in its category and the Judge Award to the best product in its category.

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EVO Oil Podere Panolfo awarded Gold Medal in I.T.A. 2020 – International Taste Awards

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