The prestigious American magazine US News has rated the Mediterranean Diet as the best in the world in an extensive comparison where a series of parameters were considered, summarised as Healthy Weight Loss.

The Mediterranean diet was the best out of 41 diets evaluated because of its positive results in terms of physical well-being, such as heart and nervous system health, cancer and chronic disease prevention, and diabetes prevention and control. Among the main foods of the Mediterranean Diet, together with seasonal fruit and vegetables and cereals, Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be highlighted, especially the high quality one, where the high presence of polyphenols that act as natural antioxidants and represent the major antagonist to free radicals. Without neglecting the pleasure that an excellent oil provides for dishes!

Podere Panolfo organic olive oils fully express these characteristics in terms of both health and sensory qualities.

Mediterranean Diet # 1 in Best Diets Overall by US News

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