Similarly to many other agri-food products also the Extra Virgin Olive oil, can have further certifications aimed at offering the consumer a higher level of guarantee for two aspects:

Organic certification is not in itself a guarantee of superior quality, but is aimed at ensuring respect for the environment and, directly and indirectly, for human health. Those on the origin of the product instead guarantee the quality, even if with different gradations between IGP and DOP. Indeed:

  • Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) : certifies that the raw material or one stage of production is in line with the specific characteristics of that product in that specific geographical area.
  • Protected Designation of Origin (POD), represents the maximum guarantee regarding the geographical origin and the typical processing of the product; it certifies that both the raw material and all the processing phases up to the confectioning, take place in the specific geographical area respecting the criteria established by a POD specification. Specifically, the entire territory of the Umbria Region is classified as a POD for olive oils and divided into five distinct sub-areas.

Both Organic and PGI/POD certifications are subject to very stringent regulations verified with punctuality and frequency by the control bodies that, on an annual basis, issue the authorizations to the companies that respect the procedures.

 We had the plasure to introduce in 2019 production Podere Panolfo Organic and DOP Umbria EVO Oil as stated in our plans.