The Protected Designation of Origin - PDO - certification is the highest attestation of quality and origin for food products.

The Designation of Origin refers to a defined geographical area, typically within a region, which designates a food product originating in that area and whose characteristics and quality are specific to the geographical environment, understood as natural elements and human intervention.

The introduction of PDO certification is intended to enhance the value of products that have specific characteristics due to their geographical area of origin. The PDO certification is regulated by Reg. EU 115/2012 and provides a very selective and meticulous process to ensure the consumer high quality products and try to avoid counterfeiting.


The whole Umbria Region is DOP certified for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a subdivision into five sub-areas:


  • Colli d'Assisi-Spoleto
  • Colli Martani
  • Colli del Trasimeno
  • Colli Amerini-Val Nerina
  • Colli Orvietani





The production process must comply with a Production Specification that :

  • sets quality parameters higher than those that classify an oil as Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ensures that both production and processing and processing take place in the area of origin.

Olio Dop Umbria Colli Orvietani

Olive tree variety
The registered designation of origin "Umbria" accompanied by the geographical indication "Colli Orvietani" is reserved for extra virgin olive oil obtained from the following varieties of olive trees: Moraiolo to a minimum of 15%; Frantoio to a maximum of 30%; Leccino to a maximum of 60%. Other varieties may also compete up to a maximum limit of 20%.

Production areas
The olive production area comprises the administrative territories of the following municipalities: Montecchio, Baschi, Orvieto, Porano, Castel Giorgio, Castel Viscardo, Allerona, Ficulle, Parrano, San Venanzo, Monteleone d'Orvieto, Fabro, Montegabbione, Montecastello di Vibio, Fratta Todina, Marsciano, Città della Pieve.

Consumption characteristics
When released for consumption, 'Colli Orvietani' extra virgin olive oil must have the following characteristics:

  • Colour: from green to yellow
  • Odour: medium fruity
  • Flavour: fruity with medium bitter and spicy sensation
  • Maximum total acidity expressed as oleic acid, by weight, not exceeding 0,65 grams per 100 grams of oil
  • Panel Test scoring: >=7,00
  • Number of peroxidies: <=12
  • K232<=2,0
  • K270<=0,20
  • Oleic acid: <=82%
  • Total polyphenols: >=100ppm


The 2019 production of Podere Panolfo EVO Oil is certified DOP Umbria - Colli Orvietani. The number of certified operator, N. 138, the same that was obtained with the first certification in 1996 by Silvano and Anna, those who started the activity of the farm. We are grateful to the Park 3A certifying body for this concession, which we believe is a testimony to the history of the company always oriented to quality.