The territory of Umbria, for its climatic and orographic characteristics, does not offer large quantitative yields, but it allows to obtain high quality oils both in organoleptic and property terms. The hilly environment that reaches up to 600-700 meters of altitude guarantees the thermal excursions stimulate in the plants of the protection processes in the last months of maturation of the olives developing one of the elements, the polyphenols, which characterize the Product. The sensations of spicy and bitter that make us like to taste are our friends in combating the processes of cellular oxidation.
The different varieties of cultivars enhance this peculiarity of Umbrian oil.
The production of the Azienda Agricola Trevisan Annamaria, also called Panolfo farm, is articulated on a composition of varieties of:

  • 30% Moraiolo
  • 50% Leccino
  • 20% Pendolino




Variety very appreciated and diffused in the olive-growing areas of central Italy.
The plants of "Moraiolo" have a low vigour and have a decidedly collected foliage.
It needs pollinator since it is an autosterile plant, and prefers to be crossed with "crusher" and "Pendolino".
The characteristics of the oil produced are:

  • Color green Type
  • Average level of fruity
  • Balanced taste
  • Medium-light for bitter and spicy

It features hints of fresh almond and light sensations of grass/leaf and artichoke.

Variety that makes possible to obtain good quality oil and presents a decisive resistance to the main climatic environmental adversities. It adapts easily to a wide range of terrain and altitudes.
It likes "Pendolino" as a cultivar of pollination.
The characteristics of the oil produced are:

  • Golden yellow color with green reflections,
  • Excellent quality with aromatic peaks contained
  • Slightly bitter and spicy,
  • Fresh Flavor,
  • Little Fruity

Depending on the age of the plants and the pedo-climatic conditions it is possible to perceive scents of herbs such as mint, chicory, lettuce, artichoke, basil.

Origins of Pendolino are Florentine but its excellent use as a pollinator has extended the use in many areas in Italy and in particular the central ones. Very rustic plant, resists well to drought and also to the fly while slightly sensitive to cold.
It produces many olives, of small size, with a distinctly black colour, suitable for the production of an oil of excellent quality but from the average yield (13/18%) of excellent quality if the harvest is anticipated.
The characteristics of the oil produced are:

  • Color tends to yellow
  • Delicate and fragrant,
  • Medium Fruity-intended
  • Bitter-Spicy (good amount of polyphenols)

A prevailing scent of fresh almond and light sensations of grass/leaf and artichoke.