When we think to the environment we like to interpret it in the different aspects towards which we want to bring maximum respect. The environment in its most specific form of planet made by the combination of earth, water, air, flora and fauna. But also the environment more pertinent to the human being with his ethical principles and his action over time, witnessed by the history of culture and traditions. Agriculture, more than any other human activity, allows us to constantly have the awareness of the relationship with the natural context in which we live. And it is a relationship of love and respect, based on the awareness that it is from her that we take everything we use, more or less transformed. We feel like to live in a place of the world where there are ancient and great traditions value. We want to do our little part to keep them alive and pass on to future generations; and we strive to create the harmony between these and the modernity and innovation that characterize our era. We are convinced that it is a beautiful and possible thing. In our farm business we have identified two key principles that are the basis of our work: environmental sustainability, pursued with organic farming, continuing along the path traced since the beginning of the company activities in the 70s respect for people and work inspired by our ethical principles that reject illegal and harmful forms of work. We are careful to read the signals that reach us and with the humility of children we will try to correct our inevitable mistakes for a constant improvement.