It was 1970 when Silvano and Annamaria bought the land and the farmhouse located in the area called "Podere Panolfo".
Land managed historically in sharecropping (until 1964 when the formula was abolished by law), where an agreement was established between the owner who granted the cultivation of the land and the use of the farmhouse, to the sharecropper and his family, in exchange for the sharing of the fruits of the harvest.
On the estate stands the farmhouse that dates back to the early 1800s, used until the 70s as a farmhouse and then renovated.
Silvano, an agrarian expert with a passion for olive growing, devotes himself with love to restarting the activity of the estate, dedicating a portion mainly to arable land (sunflower, wheat, alfalfa) and about six hectares to the planting of the new specialized olive grove.
Although the management of the land has always been a very close collaboration with local farmers, Silvano is equipped with all the necessary agricultural equipment and dedicates, with great passion and satisfaction, most of his free time to processing.
The renovated farmhouse becomes the heart of the farm business and family life on weekends and holidays.
In the 90s part of the arable land is replaced with a reforestation with walnut, ash and cherry trees, which today create a pleasant forest effect around the "Casale".
Since 2009, with the onset of age and related health problems of Silvano, the olive grove management activity is gradually reduced to a standstill in 2013. The working of the land continues thanks to the historical collaboration that local farmers' families have.
The passion and culture that over the years has reached the whole family brings in 2017 the sons Gianluca and Daniela to decide to reactivate the olive production.
After years of standstill the olive grove needs an important restructuring with the reforming pruning of about 90% of the plants.

In 2018, production restarted through the harvest of part of non-reformed plants, delivering the first production of the new age of the farm with about 500 liters of extra virgin olive oil branded as "Podere Panolfo".
For the years 2019 and 2020, production is expected to be doubled compared to 2018 harvesting all 400 not-reformed plants while by the 2021 on have a full production with contribution from the whole olive grove.
Following Silvano philosophy and principles, the peremptory choice was to pursue a totally natural cultivation and respectful of local traditions and peculiarities. During 2019 were obtained the certifications of Organic Farming issued by the CCPB and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) Umbria Colli Orvietani.