Along with the Holm-oaks and beech trees, the olive tree can be considered an endogenous plant in the Umbrian hills. The centuries-old olive-growing tradition makes that they are present everywhere, and there were also in Podere Panolfo when Annamaria and Silvano began to manage it in 1970.
The few hundreds of plants present over the years have been flanked by the new ones arriving today at about 3000 olives of Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino cultivars
Silvano's passion and his radical conviction about organic cultivation made him a "strange kind" in the eyes of many of the local inhabitants. Over forty years ago the sensitivity for the environment and the biological was totally absent and many were amazed because this foreigner (Piedmont of Vercelli) persisted in using these methods that led to lower yields than the average.

It is great pleasure today to experience a growing attention to organic production and to respect the geographical characteristics of the product and the way of cultivation where new technology come in supports to old traditions and not fully replacing that.
When the health of Silvano has started to decline, he had to omit the olive grove and it remained unproductive until 2017, when the sons Gianluca and Daniela decided to revive this project and dedicate themselves passionately.
About 2500 plants have undergone reform pruning to put them back into the physical and environmental conditions suitable for production and for manual harvest.
Since 2018 production resumed with a limited number of plants, about 400, with which the farm has returned to commercialize extra virgin olive oil Podere Panolfo.