When we decided to reactivate production of the olive grove, we had the family experience made over the years about the necessary commitment, both physical and economic, if we wanted to continue to produce a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Especially if we wanted to do it following those that are fundamental values ​​for us from an ethical and environmental point of view.

  • Continue a family and local tradition with pleasure, passion and respect.
  • Produce with quality and feel the responsibility to assure the best to our customers.
  • Enhance value to one of the key element of Italian cuisine and distinctive of our country.
  • Feed on excellent quality food that is beneficial to our health.
  • Implement the civic and ethical sense of operating with the utmost respect for people, work, laws and regulations.
  • Having the awareness of being able to manage the equilibrium between modernity, fruit of innovation, and the ability to respect the environment, unique and fundamental.
  • Continuous search for the best overall balance where our values ​​converge and support each other.

We are committed to obtain in the shortest time the certification of Organic Farming for the entire farm production. Because we are convinced that you can produce the highest quality without harming the environment. With some renunciation and some extra effort

Since 2019 the olive oil production is certified by CCPB and our oil EVO Podere Panolfo 2019 is Organic.

The part of the arable land is being converted to organic by 2021.

We have also obtained the DOP certification Umbria Colli Orvietani. Because we want to give the certainty to our customers and a sign of respect and gratitude to the territory in which we operate, that all stages of production take place locally.